Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mummy, Papa Toh Khoob Hi Kamaat Hain Mehangai Dayian Khaye Jaat Hai | A quick story of my weekend… Movie followed by Shopping

Well, I’m gonna describe the quick story of my last weekend…
On Saturday I woke up at 7 am, I was wondering that my mobile showing me correct time. Its very rare for me on weekend!

‘Nitin, can we go for INCEPTION today, I heard a lot about it’, my mate said who was in sleepy mood.
‘Even, I’ve seen IMDB profile. I found its good movie’ I said.
‘Can you arrange ticket at the moment’ Mate said.
‘Ok I’ll… I started Firefox Mozilla; and the tabs counting with PVR, BigCinemas, DT, JAM… I had found some good options nearby my place’

‘Is it in Hindi?’ my mate said.
‘No, Hindi version only in Delhi, I can only go for morning show and Gurgaon only, because later on have some work there’ I said.
‘OK, that fine’ mate said.

We gone for that movie, I loved the sync situation of last part of movie. I only can say amazing thought, concept, movie…
We came out from Audi no 3, my mate just saw an Ad Board. It was showing SALE UPTO 60% @ Reliance Trends.
‘Can we go? It’s just down the floor’, my mate said.
‘Ok’ I said.

We entered the show room. We found some good stuff on heavily discounted rate. We selected some good tees and jeans and made trial room busy.
Suddenly, I found my cell on vibrate, that rang with AR Rahaman composed ring tone that I used in my phone general profile.

‘Hello, Mummy, How are you and all doing there?’ I said.
‘Good’, my mother said.
‘I started (as I called her rather than), Mom, I’m in R Trend, told her about the sale only (I skipped the movie part). Do you wanna something? I get bought to you from here.
My mother started with blah blah blah… we’re happy with here market only.
‘Mummy, Papa Toh Khoob Hi Kamaat Hain Mehangai Dayian Khaye Jaat Hai’, I passed a comment slightly.

‘I know from where you composed it, OK, if you wanna get something for Nikhil (my younger bro), It would be great.’ My mother said.

‘OK, how is the Nikhil’s exam going’ I said.
‘It’s already been over, 1 month back’, my mother said with different frequency.

(Oh shit, why I am not been connected with my bro; I talked to my self only. And I indicate my mate togo new stall as still I was busy over phone)

‘I know, Mom, I meant… when the result and new semester will start.’ I said.
‘Next month’, my mother said.
After it my mom, turned to a new topic, ‘Have you talked to your Jijaji ? blah blah blah..’ My mother said.
‘Yes, I did. Even they called me about new vision of mobile PC suits’ I said.
‘OK OK, can we discuss these topics in evening? Do you know where I’m? I’m missing some beautiful crowd around me. Ok bye’, I said.
I hang up the phone.

After couple of minutes, we’re done with our shopping. We made the payment at counter.
‘Do you have Reliance card for some extra benefits and reward points?’ man at counter said.
‘NO’, my mate said.
‘Can you go down stairs; there is our customer service centre. They will help you to make this card’, man at counter said.
‘OK’, my mate said.

We went to down stairs. ‘What the hell am I doing here?’ I said.
I was feeling very embarrassing as I saw Lingerie items all where through out that gallery. It was the place for woman collection only, actually. My mates indicated and show me customer care help desk counter.

‘We need a Reliance card for rewards points’, my mate said.
‘You’ll need to fill this form to get temporary card at the moment. After three months Reliance will send you a plastic card, just like your credit card.’ Agent said.
‘What will be benefits after having this card?’ I asked and rotate my eyes around, finally I found a guy who convinced her girlfriend to get some economical stuff. Meanwhile I got a thought, what would be happen if somehow my mother saw me here?

‘If you spent 100 Rs. then you will earn 70p.’ Agent said.
‘OK’, I came out from dream and I said.
We filled that forms, come back to home…

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