Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Four Friends at Party:

After drinks one of the man had to use the restroom. Remaining talked about there kids.

First: My son started working at  company. Now he is the president of company. He became so rich that he gave his best friend a Mercedes  for his birthday.

Second: MY son started working in big airline, then became partner in the company. He is so rich he gave his best friend a brand  new jet for his birthday.

Third:  My son become an engineer and is now a  multimillionaire. He gave best 30,000sq ft mansion.

Just as the Fourth  man returned from the restaurant n asked : What discussion going?

one of them said:  We were talking success of our sons. What about your son?

Fourth: My son is a GAY n makes living dancing as a stripier at a night club.

Third: What a shame...!!

Fourth Man: No I'm  not ashamed. He is my son n i love him and he has not done too bad either. His birthday  was two weeks ago, and he received beautiful 30,000 sq ft  mansion, brand new jet and Mercedes from  his 3 boyfriends... ;-)