Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Every language is divine.

Every language is divine. May it be Sanskrit, English, Java or .NET. A mechanism that helps propagate the thoughts of the mind and feelings of the soul can not be less than divine.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Woh bole ki

Woh bole ki mehfil mein kahin humare joote kho gaye..........
to hum ghar kaise jayenge......
Humne kaha aap shayari to shuru kijiyey.....
Itne aayenge to gin bhi nahi payenge

Badlengi Rituein Ada.., Par Main Rahoongi Sada..

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gayi, Kismat Pe Aaye Naa Yakeen
Utar Aayi Jeet Mein, Jaise Chaand Utar Ta Hai
Kabhi Haule Haule Dheere Se
Gun Guni Dhoop Ki Tarah Se Tarango Mein Tum
Chhoo Ke Mujhe Guzari Ho Yuh
Dekhu Tumhe Ya Main Sunoo, Tum Ho Sukoon
Tum Ho Junoon..., Kyun Pehre Raat Aayi Tum
Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gayi, Kismat Pe Aaye Naa Yakeen

Main To Yeh Sochta Tha, Ke Aaj Kal Kuch Bataane Ko
Fursat Nahi Phir Bhi Tumhe Banaake Woh
Meri Nazar Main Chadh Gaya, Ruit Pe Duaa..Aur Ban Gaya

Badle Raaste Jharne Aur Nadi, Badli Deep Ki Tin Tin
Chhede Zindagi Dhun Koi Nahi, Badli Barkhaa Ki Rimjhim
Badlengi Rituein Ada.., Par Main Rahoongi Sada..
Usi Tarah Teri Baahon Mein Baahein Daal Ke Har Lamha Har Pal

Zindagi Sitaar Hogayi, Rimjhim Malhaa Hogayi
Mujhe Aata Nahi Kismat Pe Apni Yakeen Kaise Mujhko Mili Tum

Don't blame some one

Don't blame some 1 if he or she hurts U, its all UR fault most of the time and its URS only, becoz only you who gives opportunity to others to hurt U, CORRECT ME IF I M WRONG.


When i was sad,
U were there,
When i was crying,
U were there,
When i was unhappy,
U were there,
NOW I Have UNDERSTOOD . . . . .

2nd Anniversary

Monday, April 13, 2009

3 days | 3 States | Hanging Out with Friends

When it comes to hanging out with friends, one can be sure that it is going to be absolutely amusing and unlimited fun. The last weekend goes around in 3 states UP (Noida), NEw Delhi(Karol Bagh), Haryana(Gurgaon).

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dare to marry Rakhi Sawant ? "The door of my swayamvar is open to all"

Rakhi Sawant is getting married! But wait, there's a catch: she hasn't found a groom just yet. And that's where all you eligible bachelors out there come in.

The actress is ready with her new reality show, Rakhi Ka Swayamvara on NDTV Imagine, where men wishing to get married to Rakhi have to register themselves with the show. After selecting the 15 grooms of her choice, Rakhi will stay with them under one roof. During this time, she will give her prospective grooms various tasks to perform. The ones who fail face elimination every week. The final week will see Rakhi marrying the groom of her choice.

For any assistance while filling the form, please feel free to contact 022-26000033

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Be sure its still not END

Everything in life has a beautiful ending.

If it is not beautiful, be sure its still not end.

Film Abhi baki hai mere dost.....................

wait 4 them.................................

Thursday, April 2, 2009

one more reason to love her.........

Tomorrow can be too late my dear .........

If you're mad with someone and nobody's there to fix the situation... You fix it. Maybe today, that person still wants to be your friend.. And if u doesn't, tomorrow can be too late.

If you're in love with somebody, but that person doesn't know...
tell her/him. Maybe today, that person is also in love with you. And if you don't say it, tomorrow can be too late.

If you still love a person that you think has forgotten you...
tell her/him. Maybe that person has always loved you. And if you don't tell her/him today, tomorrow can be too late.

If you need a hug of a friend... ask her/him for it.
Maybe they need it more than you do. And if you don't ask for it today, tomorrow can be too late.

If you really have friends who you appreciate... tell them. Maybe they appreciate you as well. That if you don't and they leave or go far away today, tomorrow can be too late.

If you love your parents, and never had the chance to show them..... do it. Maybe you have them there to show them how you feel. That if you don't and they leave today, and then tomorrow can be too late.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Happy Fools Day !