Wednesday, March 14, 2012

PI (3.14) Day! Happy Birthday Albert Einstein | 10 Interesting Albert Einstein Facts

Albert Einstein is a German born who brought loads of changes on our planet. His theory of Relativity has opened new gates of new modern invention and those have changed our perception about the universe. On the following list, we are going to dig little deeper about the “who is” of Albert Einstein.

This is top 10 Albert Einstein facts

1. Fact 1
Albert Einstein is not only a bold theoretical physicist but also one of the most influential one. In 1999, Time magazine awarded Albert Einstein as the Person of the Century. He is Nobel Prize holder too.

2. Fact 2
Although many of us believe Albert Einstein early life was having speech difficulty, the well-known belief is disputed by the Albert Einstein Archives himself.

3. Fact 3
Albert Einstein was born in 14 March 1879. Shortly after Pauline Einstein, Einstein’s mother, saw her new baby, she was thinking Einstein was having abnormal head size. She was worry his baby would have serious health problem.

4. Fact 4
During his healthy live, Albert loves to walk down the road. He said he walks to find new relaxation and time to think new way to solve a mystery from different perception

5. Fact 5
Albert Einstein loved to play violin. His talent to play and enjoy music came from his mother Pauline Einstein.

6. Fact 6 
Although in college Einstein showed outstanding score, he failed to find promising job after graduated from his college at University of Zurich. Rather than jobless, he picked a job as a technical assistant in Swiss patent office. At first, it was a temporary position. Einstein got a permanent position after he showed top performance on his responsibility.

7. Fact 7
For view year after Einstein cremation, Einstein’s family did not realize that his father was burned without his brain. A neurologist and pathologist, Thomas Stoltz Harvey from Princeton hospital who removed Einstein brain from his skull.

8. Fact 8
Theory General relativity was the best known achievement of Einstein. From his theory, he earned Nobel Prize in 1921, Copley Medal in 1925 and Max Planck Medal (1929)

9. Fact 9
Around 1930s, Albert Einstein used to be one of the best enemies of German empire under the rule of Adolph Hitler. His life or head was priced $5000. Luckily, in 1933, he emigrated to US permanently. During the rule of Hitler, One German magazine listed his name as “not yet hanged” target.

10. Fact 10
Last fact about Albert Einstein, during his life, Einstein has released more than 300 scientific works and 150 non-scientific inventions. He is regarded as father or physics of 20th -21st century.