Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Prevent Gmail from Spam by Tweaking Filter

Gmail spam recognition technology is best in its class. Even Yahoo, Hotmail or Lycos could not beat Google at this. Its very rare that you find any spam in your inbox. But what annoys the most is the growing number of mails in spam folder. Cleaning your spam folder regularly makes Gmail look more gorgeous and lovely.Have you ever wondered that despite gmail's exclusive spam fighting filters and user's privacy concern, how these salesmen get into your inbox. Its all your fault. Distributing your email address to forums, groups, chat rooms and everywhere over internet.Lets analyze how spammers get your email address. Primary source is chat rooms, forums and groups where people normally mention their email. Second source is internet itself. You either write your email at some public place or list it in some attractive offers. Other less significant sources include mail servers and search engines.Spammers are basically salesmen, trying to sell you explicit material, drugs or stock options. Spammers use codes of software called spambots that crawl over internet, collecting anything that has @ between two words. So these spambots will automatically search for emails generating a mailing list which will be bombarded with spams.I will discuss two different genre tricks to bypass spammers.

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