Thursday, January 15, 2009

Taylor Swift Still On Top, Gets A Makeover!


Taylor Swift has the #1 album in America yet again!

For her SIXTH (nonconsecutive) week, the country cutie holds the top spot on the Billboard 200! Her album is now the first to spend six weeks at the top since the 2005 release of The Massacre by 50 Cent.

As for Lady Gaga, she had a small drop in album sales for The Fame but she moved up in the rankings from number 26 to 14.

And Katy Perry's One of the Boys went down in album sales but moved up from the 23rd spot to the number 15 spot on the chart.

The chart is adjusting to the post-Christmas sales decrease!

As for Swift, she's enjoying her time at the top.

The talented cutie is guest starring on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Swift is playing Haley Jones, a dark teen whose family runs some little motel in Vegas. She was spotted on set (above) rocking the dark hair and alternative look.

Now is your moment, Taylor, enjoy it!

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